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Things I Found, 1.8.17 - 1.16.17
By Joe Peacock Posted in Blog on January 17, 2017 0 Comments
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• Ok… I have no idea if this is actually how it happened (in which case I adore it) or if it’s just a stunt (in which case I think it’s genius) but this has to be the best music video I’ve ever seen:


• This drone swarm launched from F-16’s is terrifying. The sound at the 2 minute mark is the sound of AI Robot Death. This is all real. This is the future of warfare. Enjoy.

• Popcorn slowmo is soothing. 

• A guy built a 100% original control console for his system at home, and it looks cool as hell. If he sold these, I’d buy them.

• I forgot about this golden gem of internet history: ZOGG

• Scalpers are having trouble moving Trump inauguration tickets.

• This weekend, TASBot — a bot for assisting speed runs in video games — got Super Mario 64, Portal, and Skype running on an SNES. A robot programming robots. I love it.

• This commercial for GRAVITY RUSH is one of the funnest and most original I’ve seen in a long time.

• Today’s hits reimagined as if they came out in the 80’s — I’m not usually a fan of “reimagining” crap, but these actually don’t suck.

• Brilliant writer and one of my favorite tech journalists, Sarah Jeong, cataloged all the ways the Reddit AMA with Julian Assange went off the rails.


• I adore Poorly Drawn Lines, and this one just hit the right note with me:


• Cats are assholes:



• This is pretty succinct:


• As my friend Shawn said, “when you absolutely MUST climb that wall with your jeep”:


• And finally, a soccer player who is as sick of diving as most of the audience:

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