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About me
By Joe Peacock Posted in on April 23, 2015 0 Comments
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About me

The highlights:

• 23 years designing and developing websites (since 1995)

• 17 years writing books, articles, TV and other stuff professionally

• Curator of the Art of Akira Exhibit, and world’s largest private collector of animation cels and artwork 

• Author of the Marlowe Kana cyberpunk novel series

•     •     •

I miss blogging. I miss writing on a platform that isn’t controlled by some company that could change business strategies, revenue strategies, or otherwise throw wrenches into the work I’ve produced. So, I’m back to running my own blog on my own site. It makes me happy. Glad to have you here.

I’ve been making websites since the invention of HTTP. I love the web. It’s a huge part of me at this point (although I’m just a tiny part of it, but I’m certainly very glad to be). In a weird moment of clarity in 2016, I decided to delete my copies of my old online life and start anew. Not out of embarrassment, but because none of it was relevant anymore. It’s still out there — most of my stuff can be found through simple Google searches (or if all else fails, in the Wayback Machine).

These days, I am a freelance writer of copy, content, TV, comics and major journalistic monoliths (Huffington Post, CNN, AOL News and others). I recently left my full-time User Experience job to focus on writing full time. I’d love to write something for you between novels.

That’s pretty much it. If you want to know more or talk to me about things, please feel free to contact me!

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