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Things I Found, 1.1.17 - 1.7.17
By Joe Peacock Posted in Blog on January 7, 2017 0 Comments
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Yep. This happened.

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I’m starting a new roundup feature on my blog, sharing all the cool links, items and whatnots I found this week. I hope you dig it:

• Very first and foremost: READ THIS. And then read it again. It’s so mega important to know how to cope with your day-to-day while the entire earth seems to be falling apart. I found a lot of value in it.

Hack your NES Classic to put more games on it. Make that $250 drunk purchase on eBay for a $50 item worth it.

• “Don’t say that word!” Little girl says “Fuck” about 50 times in 40 seconds while her brother admonishes her. It cracked me up.

• And while we’re on the subject, this kid lists every bad word he knows. 

• Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe. If you’re a fan of Black Mirror and don’t know Charlie Brooker outside of that, this is a fantastic introduction. You will want to dig back into his previous wipes for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, his Weekly Wipe series, and his “On Writing” series. Oh and he also did Nathan Barley (which might as well be a documentary of now) and Dead Set, which was his show where the cast of Big Brother are the only ones left after a zombie apocalypse.

@InternetOfShit is at CES and is documenting all the horrible shit there. Apparently, in the future, we will have wifi-connected underwear.

Mario animated with rubik’s cubes. 

• The state of Vermont has a logo for maple syrup that comes from the state. It’s awful. 

• and finally, there was a coin in Mario64 that no one could get to, until a framehack was discovered, solving a 20 year mystery. Unfortunately, they found another one. 



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