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Random Thoughts, 1.18.18: Chiropractic Edition


(I’m bringing back the old “Random Thoughts” feature. I hope you enjoy.)

• I haven’t been to a chiropractor in a while. I should probably go sometime for myself, and not just when someone else needs to go.

• It’s interesting to see a business owner of any sort, much less a doctor, run the office by themselves. This doctor’s office staff has called in due to the snow and ice, and he’s the only one. He’s clearly not used to doing the paperwork, as he has no idea where any of it is. Nice guy, though.

• Yes, I’m aware that a chiropractor is not a doctor by default. This doctor has a doctorate. I think it’s in religious studies, though, judging by the decor, the radio station playing overhead, and the seating.

• I swear to god, chiropractors furnish their waiting rooms with the worst possible furniture for your back on purpose. I’m pretty sure this is a church pew:

• Christian Pop Radio is playing in the waiting area. It’s intriguing to me how hard evangelical entertainment tries to emulate secular entertainment without outright acknowledging that’s what they’re doing. It’s almost like human beings are hard-wired to find certain stuff catchy and interesting, and we all want to enjoy them, but some force puts artificial limitations on them to the point where, you can retain the beat, tone, timbre, and even vocals of, say, a Taylor Swift or Mumford & Sons song, but change the words around to mention Jesus and “Him” a lot and it’s all ok to enjoy. Meanwhile, the song (or movie, or comic, or other thing) they ripped of? Of the devil, of course.

•I guess words matter than action in those cases… And many other, judging by every single “Christian” politician in office right now.

•How tall is this peacock? Or, how short is this child? Or is that even a child? Is it a little person?


• And how the hell did those two elephants and those two bears both fit in that tiny boat? Or are they SUPER GIGANTIC elephants and bears and the ark is regular-ark size? And holy shit, those bears are bigger than the elephants, and the giraffes are brontosaurus size:


• What exactly is “regular ark” size? When God supposedly commanded Noah to build the ark 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height, was that a super-sized ark? Or a regular sized ark? Were there other arks around for comparison? How did Noah even architect this?

• And how exactly is an ark roughly 1/22nd the size of the average American Zoo hold two of every animal, which would include EVERY species ever, since evolution isn’t a thing and there’s no way a subset of animals on Noah’s Ark could have interbred or cross-bred or evolved into anything other that what it was to begin with?

• How is it that people who believe that boat could have even existed, much less did the job of preserving the species, rely on the fact that it was written down by some guy at some point and handed down over millennia, while there is actual photographic evidence (and lots of it) of the size of Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd being one of the smallest in modern history but that’s “Fake News?” As is the recording of him saying “Grab them by the pussy” that he even admitted to and apologized for, but suddenly it’s fake? Why is evidence such a problem in a culture built on belief of flimsy premises with less than convincing evidence (and in most cases, none at all)? Why wouldn’t evidence simply reinforce a belief, or help foster a new one?

• I really should have had breakfast before I came here.


  • OMG, the Ark is the original TARDIS! Which makes Moses a Timelord!
    And , wow, that girl has tiny hands in proportion to her giant noggin.

  • I just discovered you after reading your blob article on HuffPo. HuffPo? I’m really not that cool. Anyway, you’re awesome. I was feeling a little blah today, and your “Need a pep talk?” post inspired me. Love you voice. Thanks!

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Joe Peacock's Website Hope you’ve got some time, cause I have a lot to say… Like this latest post:

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