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Notes to Self
I write notes to myself daily. These are those.
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That Weird Moment When You Realize What You Must Do

And resolve to do it. `

Hi. I’m Joe, and I’m trying. With any luck and a shitton of resolve, I’ll end up doing. 

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Note To Self, 5.25.17

Note To Self: I’ve been keeping a lot of these to myself lately because they’re for me, but wanted to share this one. I was on the fence about something I’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t justify the expense until I was reminded of this one simple fact: I’m going to die. So are you. It’s an inevitable consequence of life. Squeeze as much out of it while you’re here.

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Note To Self, 5.9.17

Note To Self: it’s easy to get wrapped up and lost in the stuff we get into, focusing on the wrong things and measuring the wrong things as “success” when none of that mattered when you started.

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Note To Self, 4.20.17

Note To Self: permission to fail is permission to learn.

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Note To Self, 4.19.17

Note To Self: serious, this is what goes through my head every time

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Note To Self, 4.28.17

The difference is important, doubly so if you don’t realize the difference

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Note To Self, 4.17.17

Such good advice, I’m giving it to myself again

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How Bad Do You Want It? (Blog + Note To Self, 4.14.17)

If you’re going to follow your dream, know that your dream has costs. Only YOU can decide if they’re worth it. So how bad do you want it?

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Note To Self, 4.13.17

Literally learning this one every single day

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Note To Self, 4.12.17

Note To Self: when the world seems shit, go be not shitty instead

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