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A Thing That Helps Me Get By Day To Day
By Joe Peacock Posted in Blog on April 7, 2017 0 Comments
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I’ve began using a new coping mechanism to get through my day. I’ve been playing this sound in my head every single time I hear someone say something stupid:


It’s not just any metal bat hitting any metal ball. This one in particular sounds like something exploded, like a skull, and mushy stuff flew out of it.

Silicon Valley asshole / Startup “Founder” / techie selling me on how their new app is going to “Make the world a better place through” and then inserting whatever boring concept everyone’s already had? Infinitely easier to suffer with that sound at the end.

Same goes with:

  • Some idiot practicing his (or her) bad British accent
  • Cops telling you why what you just did isn’t “technically” illegal but they could take you in anyway
  • Co-workers acting like they’re your boss
  • Any politician saying literally anything
  • Or, anything on CNN or Fox News at all?

Just play this sound at the end in your head. It makes life so much easier to deal with. You’re welcome.

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