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Month: April 2017
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Screenland - A Documentary Series on Digital Culture and Entertaiment, Airing April 24 on

I wrote and Contributed Produced (?) a documentary series about digital culture and entertainment called Screenland. It airs April 24 on RedBull.TV. I hope you like it.

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Note To Self, 4.10.17

Something I had to remind myself of recently, and will likely again sometime

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If You Like Currency Puns, You're Yen For A Treat

Get it? YEN for a treat?

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The Most Thorough $1500 Tea Infuser Review In The History Of Ever vs. My One Line Review

$1500. For a tea infuser. My review lies within

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A Thing That Helps Me Get By Day To Day

It’s not just any metal bat hitting any metal ball. This one in particular sounds like something exploded, like a skull, and mushy stuff flew out of it.

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Day 10 of 90: Getting Stuff Done (And Feeling Pretty Darn Good)

10 days ago, I entered into a 90 day art challenge with my good friend Joseph Rhodes, and now I’m writing like the wind. WIND I TELL YOU

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My one and only post on Facebook, explaining my leaving Facebook and why I came back to Facebook for one post:

I still hate Facebook. But I feel like people should know what’s going on.

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Note To Self, 4.4.17

Note to self: keeping the ball rolling is so much easier than starting it again and again

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