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Month: August 2018
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Marlowe Kana Volume 4 Manuscript is Done...

And boy, do I have a lot of feelings.

“How do you feel?” I think it’s instinctual for people to ask that question when you tell them you’ve just finished a big project. And I’ve been asked it a dozen or so times since I put the last period on the last sentence of the Marlowe Kana Volume 4 manuscript. And in every single […]

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I'm Not Content With Just Making #Content

I don't want to make stuff that hangs out in the background. I want to make things people actually care about. But who's going to read it? And where?

Come for the #Content and GIFs, stay for the rambling

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That Weird Moment When You Realize What You Must Do

And resolve to do it. `

Hi. I’m Joe, and I’m trying. With any luck and a shitton of resolve, I’ll end up doing. 

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