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Month: March 2017
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Note to Self, 3.4.17

Only took 40 years to make this particular breakthrough. Another one: Sitting down to work is turning the faucet on. Maybe there’s nothing in the pipes, but you won’t know until you turn the spigot.

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Let's Talk About (Managing) Depression (Pt. 6)

This something that could help some of you out there who are suffering with Depression but haven’t yet found the answers on how to manage it. I share it with the hope that it helps. It’s LONG. You’ve been warned.

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Note To Self, 3.2.17

A helpful reminder on the heels of yesterday’s post

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Let's Talk About Depression, Pt. 5

The following is from my newsletter about surviving difficult times and managing depression. I had an experience today that I catalogued as it was happening, and shared with the subscribers of the newsletter. I’m sharing it here as well, in case you need it.

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Note To Self, 3.1.17

Note To Self: this is something a buddy of mine used to say, I googled and found it’s a quote from Robin Sharma.

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