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Month: January 2017
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Things I Found, 1.8.17 - 1.16.17

Here’s the interesting links, videos, images and articles I found last week. You’re welcome.

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Note To Self, 1.16.17

Keeping this Martin Luthur King Jr. quote in mind every time I read the news these days…

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Note to Self, 1.13.17

Who am I?

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Note To Self, 1.12.17

A little reminder when things upset me

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An Ode To The Whiteboard

After 39 years of life and 21 years of writing, I just realized how much I like whiteboards.

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Note To Self: Where do I begin?

Begin Anywhere.

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Things I Found, 1.1.17 - 1.7.17

All the fun things I found this week. Enjoy!

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Leaving The Misery Machine (Or, "Fuck Facebook")

That’s precisely what Facebook has become: a machine that creates, runs on and produces 100% Pure Grade A Misery.

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