About me

About me

The highlights:

• 21 years designing and developing websites (since 1995)

• 15 years writing books, articles, TV and other stuff professionally

• Curator of the Art of Akira Exhibit, and world’s largest private collector of animation cels and artwork 

• Currently working on: a new book (Marlowe Khana), a few new TV shows (to be announced soon), a cigar blog, a new website for Art of Akira, and designing web-based applications for the Deloitte iLab in Atlanta, GA.

•     •     •

I miss blogging. I miss writing on a platform that isn’t controlled by some company that could change business strategies, revenue strategies, or otherwise throw wrenches into the work I’ve produced. So, I’m back to running my own blog on my own site. It makes me happy. Glad to have you here.

I’ve been making websites since the invention of HTTP. I love the web. It’s a huge part of me at this point (although I’m just a tiny part of it, but I’m certainly very glad to be).

I am a freelance writer of copy, content, TV, comics and major journalistic monoliths (Huffington Post, CNN, AOL News and others). I’ve got tattoos, which I’m sure you’ve noticed, and I’ve written helpful guides on how to get a decent tattoo. I’ve also taught the internet how to fist-fight and get in shape (although those topics have nothing to do with tattoos. Or do they? I don’t know).

That’s pretty much it. If you want to know more or talk to me about things, please feel free to contact me!

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