This is the Teforia Tea Infuser, a $1500 tea infuser. This is a wifi connected app-controlled machine which infuses water with the oils, flavors and essence of dried tea leaves. Similar devices that have been proven to work for centuries can be had for literally tens of dollars.

People have bought this $1500 tea infuser. Some of these people have reviewed it. This particular review is one of the most thorough reviews I’ve ever read.

My review/response follows these screenshots:


My response: I just literally bought airfare to Tokyo, Japan and am staying 10 nights for less than the cost of this tea infuser, and I still have enough left over to drink tea every day, five times a day, and probably bring some back home — And when I die, I may have to face a sincere regret of going some of my adult life without knowing the lessons taught to me from a struggle to get my internet-connected tea maker to communicate with my iPhone, but at least I’ll have seen Tokyo, so for less than $1500 I’m just gonna drink some tea there and stick to my kettle at home.

Your mileage may vary.



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